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Who would think the tax laws relating to something so pervasive in our lives, real estate, would be so complex?

In the Real Estate Tax Handbook, Michael Gray covers key issues for federal tax planning and income tax reporting for real estate activities. He includes references to IRS forms and publications for further information that you can look up at the IRS web site.

Mr. Gray wrote this book principally for the real estate investor. He hit the highlights of each topic in as non-technical language as possible while efficiently communicating this important information to be further discussed with your lawyer and your tax advisor. The many tax traps to avoid and tax opportunities to be exploited explained here can make this book worth thousands of dollars to you and help you avoid unpleasant surprises when your income tax returns are prepared.

Here is a list of the chapters of the book:

  1. Sale of a Principal Residence
  2. Other Sales of Real Estate
  3. Foreclosures, Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure and Short Sales
  4. Installment Sales
  5. Tax-Deferred Section 1031 Real Estate Exchanges
  6. What are the different forms available for real estate operations?
  7. Depreciation and Cost Segregation
  8. At-Risk Limitation and Passive Activity Loss Limitation
  9. Deducting Mortgage Interest
  10. Repairs – Current Deduction or Capitalized?
  11. Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)
  12. Holding Real Estate In An IRA, Roth or Retirement Account
  13. Materials and Supplies
  14. Net Investment Income Tax

It is 140 pages of hard-hitting information! This "plain talk" explanation doesn’t require a lot of tax knowledge, and will help you avoid unexpected tax traps.

The 2014 edition includes the new rules on repairs and capitalization, new rules for materials and supplies, federal estate planning changes, and the 3.8% net investment income tax.

"Finally a tax book written just for real estate investors! Michael has done a magnificent job of simplifying a complicated subject so even a beginner can understand the tax consequences of real estate deals before they have to pay huge penalties due to ignorance. It’s a must read."

Ron LeGrand
"The Millionaire Maker"
Real Estate Investing Teacher
Global Publishing, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

A great gift for your real estate investor clients! Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Trainers! Call 408-918-3162 for special pricing of bulk orders of 10 or more copies!

You can now order The Real Estate Tax Handbook online through the Silicon Valley Publishing Company's website at a discount off the cover price.

May your real estate increase in value!

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Michael C. Gray

P.S. You can now order The Real Estate Tax Handbook online through the Silicon Valley Publishing Company's website at a discount off the cover price. Visit their new website for details!

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